Projects by AllAboutUs

AllAboutUs enjoys making documentaries with young people in group workshops. We have mostly two types of workshops, the XL projects, that last 3 months and the XS projects, that only take up 3 hours and everything in between custom made.

The XL projects are projects for which young people are selected in a workshop in advance. The participants commit themselves to 3 months of very intens filmmaking.  The themes of the films are often intuitive and close to the skin of young people and freestyling is a very important part of it.  The participants are involved in all parts of filmmaking and 'own' these films. The results reflect a very individual visual language and life style.

The mini workshops (XS workshops) helps us find new talent and makes sure there is plenty of activity for everyone to join in. The various XS workshops only last three hours and consist of brainstorming, filming and editing. These mini-workshops are listed in our catalogue and are led by various media-trainers who were trained by AllAboutUs.

These workshops are shared in school projects, such as the ‘film lab’ in cooperation with the NIF (Dutch Institute for Film Education).

AllAboutUs also runs master classes for teachers, youth workers and audio visual professionals who are interested in working with young people.

At the moment AllAboutUs is training young people to becoming an editor in a pre-educational project called 'Young Editor’. Unfortunately it's not possible to subscribe to this course, all participants are selected through the XS workshops or via other routes initiated by AAUFF.

We also regularly create projects for third parties. Besides all of this: AllAboutUs is  always looking for great, inspirational partners who are sincerely interested in young people.

In the "Hey mum, tell me " tour, AllAboutUs also coordinated the talks and by doing so, created a live platform for sharing and understanding cultural diversity in relation to the film. AllAboutUs also helped to develop accompanying didactic teaching materials for this tour.

Synopsis AllAboutUs Filmbook

AllAboutUs developed a method over the years for filmmaking with young people. We decided to create a visual book from our extensive experience. The book offers the opportunity to make this successful method available and duplicable to schools that intend to start up media projects and teach their students how to make their own films.

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Currently being made: ‘Letter to my Baby’

This is our latest film project for homeless teenage mothers and future teenage mothers.

This film is aimed to help young mothers dealing with a major change in their life. A change they’re about to experience or have already experienced; becoming a mother.

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Young Editors II

Batch capture, rendering, spotting, how do I tell a story?

Editing is a lot more than just rhythmical copy and pasting. Editing is power. Young people from different parts of the city can participate in the AllAboutUs Young Editors Workshop and get a chance to develop their editing skills with the help of some very professional editors. Glenda Bekink, well known from VPRO’s Villa Live teaches mini workshops for AAUFF in different youth centres. In these mini workshops she’ll introduce young people the basics like ‘how to handle a camera’ and give them some insights into the editing process. Out of all these motivated young people, the most talented will be chosen to take part in the Young Editors workshop, a workshops that lasts 3 months. The knowledge young people gain through the Young Editors is taken back to the youth centre/community centre, where they can edit future film projects independently. We also hope to integrate young people as assistant editor with future projects within AllAboutUs FilmFactory. This workshop is a step into the world of film, especially for young people who never considered this an option.

Film talents YEFF! 2009 announced!

The film talents for the European Film Forum in Sweden have been announced. For several weeks young filmmakers were able to send their films to AllAboutUs, but now we’ve reached a final decision and this means a closure on the submission!

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