AllAboutUs FilmFactory is an organization that supports adolescents in the development of becoming an active, individual media citizen. A media school for young people, aiming at connecting them internationally and interculturally through their personal film stories. AllAboutUs includes vulnerable and marginalized groups and connects them to an interested public, They become their own heroes and experts in their own films. Apart from a thorough media education young people get the chance to control the film medium in their own way and complete their first documentary with the support of film professionals.

Developing individual empowerment runs parallel with learning the necessary technical skills. Social discipline and acquiring an open, yet critical understanding of the media world leads to a series of highly individual films, that truly represent the world of young people, their environment, and youth culture at large. The AllAboutUs FilmFactory-films are being used at schools and universities, are shown at international film festivals and on Dutch and Swedish TV.

Since 2005 AllAboutUs FilmFactory receives structural funding by the Dutch ministry of education and science. Anna Spohr is founder and artistic director of AllAboutUs FilmFactory.