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Finally! The English version of the website is almost ready.
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YEFF! Update

We left by plane, bus, train and another bus towards YEFF! in Sweden on the 14th of June (2009). We met the Spanish and Belgian group at the airport and were awaited by a policing drug dog. The Belgian group and our group didn’t have any problems, but the Spanish group was held up and questioned for more than one and a half hours, and their bags turned upside down etc.!

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YEFF 2009 in Sweden: Participants announced!

AllAboutUs Filmfactory is the official representative of the Netherlands within the YEFF (Young European Film Forum).

The closing date for young filmmakers to send in your films was June the 15th 2009. The AllAboutUs-panel has reached it’s decision and the four winners are now public!

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Interview with Mahatma Ghandi’s grandson!

Arun GhandiOn May 24 four girls aged 12 interviewed Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson in collaboration with the ‘be the change’ project and Allaboutus Filmfactory. The children asked sir Gandhi (now 75 years of age) what he can remember about his grandfather, how he can pass this on to future generations, and what you can do as a child to make the world a better place.

Allaboutus was involved to make a video item about this unique meeting. We will soon place this film on our website.

The Dutch Youth News (Jeugd Journaal) was also present and created a daily news item for national TV.

Please watch this item here.


AllAboutUs at pottfiction 2009

AllAboutUs filmfactory will together with  Astrid van den Velde hold a filmworkshop atthe Pottfiction-youthcamp this up-coming Summer in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.Pottfiction is a youth-theatre-project developed by seven theatres and anschlaege.de in the German Ruhr Area (= locals call the area just "the Pott"). It will be realized as part of the programme of the Eurpean Cultural Capital RUHR.2010. Goal of the whole project is encouraging young people to express their own interests and to influence their social environment according to what they want. The central question is “How do you imagine a better world, and what are you prepared to do to achieve this?" www.pottfiction.de


Package Deal for the ‘Hey Mum Tour’

The ‘Hey Mum Tour’ toured the whole of the Netherlands in the past year. This tour has ended now and from this moment on it’s possible to make a ‘Hey mum…’ package deal with AllAboutUs.

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Film project: ‘Letter to my baby’

Film project for homeless expecting teenage mothers or teenagers who have recently become a mother.

This film project helps young girls to reflect on the huge change in their life, that is about to happen or has recently happened: namely: the fact that they’ve just given birth.

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The Hey Mum Tour aims to bring mothers and daughters together through our film “Hey Mum tell me…” and joins different cultural backgrounds within the theme of motherhood. This film was made in 2006 in a collaboration with AAUFF, the ‘Koorenhuis’ and the ‘Hofstadcollege’ from The Hague.

The result was a filmic research into two generations of women and their self-images, their self-image during adolescence into adulthood. Now and then. Yesterday and today. Mothers and daughters. With rituals that were relevant yesterday onto rituals that are still being used today. Young Muslim girls and young girls from different backgrounds are in conversation with their own mothers and with other mothers.

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Young Editors II

On March 17 in 2009 the new Young Editors edition started with four new participants. These four participants have been selected to join the exclusive Young Editors workshop. In the coming three months they’ll be introduced to all the inns and outs of editing and they’ll be making their own film, under the supervision of professional editors. After twelve weeks these films will premiere and all participants will receive a certificate for finishing the course. And maybe, just maybe, there’s a small job waiting for you as an assistant editor at AllAboutUs FilmFactory or with another company you might like?!

You can find more information about the YoungEditors workshop and the four participants of the Young Editors workshop second edition in the project section of this website!

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